"Compensation Alternatives: Changes in Business Strategy, Plans and Expectations"
  This article originally published as a SHRM white paper for their website describes programs implemented by compensation professionals when it was apparent after a decade of 3-4% salary increases that it needed other methods and plans to attract and retain employees. The article explores the pros and cons of work/family balance, telecommuting and other work arrangements. The article also explores the many uses of concierge services, full fridges and pizza to motivate employees. Finally the article also explores the pros and cons of the use of broadbanding, skill based pay, competency based pay and team incentives, each designed to minimize the negative effect of the 4% increase to employees.

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"Principles of Compensation"
  This presentation explores 17 "Principles of Compensation" and a brief history of executive compensation growth from the 1970's to today's high levels of total pay. Among the principles are understanding basic business issues, determinants of compensation, knowing business life cycle(s) in your own company (there are usually more than 1 at any given time), paying only for realized gains, the importance of performance management, and other important compensation plan design principles.

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"Letter to the Wall Street Journal editor in response to Jared Sandberg's Characterization of HR"
  In January of 2003, Jared Sandberg of the Wall Street Journal wrote a scathing column about the role of HR as "dispensers of popcorn at benefits meetings" and "organizers of company wilderness trips." As President of HRNY (The SHRM Chapter in NYC) and as a career HR professional for over 30 years Nadel responded with his own view of what HR professionals really do. This response was published in the WSJ.com careers section. Mr. Sandberg declined Nadel's offer to discuss the issue publicly.

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"Performance Management, Performance Appraisal, Recruiting, Selection, and Company Strategy"
  This article explores how performance management is an important communications tool for communication and an exchange of expectations between managers and employees at every level in the company. In addition, Nadel explores the reasons for performance management failure in many companies. The third section deals with uses of performance management in pay, training and development, selection, promotion and company talent and training needs analysis.

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"Twenty First Century Thinking in Managing Today's Not-For-Profits: The New Role of HR"
  Originally presented to an audience of Not-for-Profit HR Executives and their Top Management, this presentation has application to ALL HR professionals regardless of their work setting. The presentation outlines the new HR competencies needed for the new role of HR in organizations. The competencies focus on how to satisfy management's needs from HR, and also what competencies HR Managers need to manage the modern HR functions as well. The presentation also explores performance management as an important management tool in total HR management.

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"A Comprehensive Strategy for Attraction, Retention and Performance"
  This presentation explores how we cannot solve the "attraction, retention and performance" problem using one technique at a time. Attraction and Retention are never just a pay issue, or a recruiting strategy issue, or a management style issue, but instead a mix of many ingredients including pay, management style, labor market issues, diversity, communications, meaningful work and a work environment conducive to employee productivity. The presentation was Nadel's reaction to a series of presentations in which each presenter, as if in a silo, had a single functional solution (e.g. better recruiting strategy, better pay). Nadel wrote the draft of this presentation on a plane ride to a client that was experiencing more than 50% turnover.

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"Attracting, Retaining, and Motivating Key Executives in a Family Owned and Operated Business"
  The problem of attracting and retaining employees in a family owned business usually comes to the forefront when a key family member dies, retires or otherwise presents a succession problem to the company. This presentation looks at case examples and then explores succession planning and key employee attraction and acceptance as an outsider to the management of the business. The presentation explores cultural issues, and a basic understanding of the principles of compensation. The presentation also explores the uses of executive contracts and non-compete clauses.

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"The Many Steps to a Sound Compensation Program"
  This presentation is a variation on extensive work by Nadel on the steps needed to design a sound compensation program considering internal and external economics, the current stages of the business and the business issues that the compensation program will address.

In this latest version of this presentation (July 2004) Nadel runs through steps from the diagnostic aspects of the HR and business issues to individual steps required in base salary, annual or other incentives, long term incentives for executives and others, health and welfare benefits, retirement benefits, perquisites, alternative compensation programs such as work/life balance and communications.

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